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News journalism

Feature journalism

Reporting the news

Engaging articles

At Astral Media we have a passion for news and current affairs journalism.  Whether it is a diary event or a breaking news story, we can provide you with the facts and details backed up by incisive analytical journalism with interviews and quotes from the people central to the story.  Fast turnaround and delivering within deadline is our mission.
If you are an editor looking to commission a feature then we welcome your enquiry.  Alternatively, let us pitch an idea to you.  Whether you are looking for a piece on business, technology or politics, we will always offer original ideas that look at issues from an interesting angle.  Our feaures are always engaging and incsicive.


Video production

If a picture is worth a thousand words ...

Seeing is believing!

When you book our photographers, they will send images from events to your picture desk as they are taken.   However, on the many occasions when events aren't planned, we can provide photo content for you publication from around the world through our network of agencies and photographers.
Astral Media have pre-bookable mobile video facilities to cover anything from arts, music and sport through to business and politics.  We can also produce corporate and training videos to your exact brief.  Our state of the art post production facilities using Adobe CC create the finishing touches to a professional production.

Audio production

Technical services

Content for radio and Podcasts

It's all in the delivery ....

We have the capability to record news, features and events on-site for radio as well as producing podcasts and audio features.  We use Adobe CC to produce audio content and deliver it as a losless audio file, MP3 or Podcast according to your requirements.
Whether you require your content delivering in the cloud for later use or require your content to be live streamed, we can provide the solution to suit your requirements.  Our mobile crews can deliver live content as it happens and through our satellite and telecommunicaions partners, deliver that content to any MCR or POP globally.