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Providing content for print, digital and broadcast media
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  1. News media
    News media
    We provide written news and feature content to newspapers, magazines and online media around the world.
  2. Digital content
    Digital content
    Providing high quality images for publications and audio / video contribution for broadcast is our speciality. This is achieved using state-of-the art Adobe CC software and a resilient high-speed data platform in the cloud.
  3. Technical services
    Technical services
    In association with our partners, we can provide on-site facilities at events to record or stream live events and deliver the content to any MCR or POP in the world.
  1. BOOOO
    Andy Cunningham
    Andy has 3 years experience in magazine journalism and has written for leading publications. He has a BA degree in Media Studies and an NCTJ Level 5 qualification.
  2. Lucy Baxter
    Lucy Baxter
    Lucy is our designer with a focus on photo and media presentation. She has a BA (Hons) in History of Art and a PgDip in Media Design.
  3. Nicola Harding
    Nicola Harding
    Nicci joined us having worked as a journalist on a local newspaper before moving into broadcast in local radio and then ITV regional news. She has an MA in Broadcast Journalism.
  4. Ben Slater
    Ben Slater
    Ben is our technical Ninja! His focus is producing and editing audiovisual content. He has 4 years experience working in TV and video production.